Judeo-Christian Theology reduced to absurdity

Christianity's whole premise is that Jesus HAD to die in order for man to be saved. It was his fate to die, it was "God’s Will" to die.
But according to Christians, Jews, who are the "Synagogue of Satan", killed Jesus, and this is the main reason why Christians have hated Jews throughout history.
If "Satan" is the enemy of "God" he was going to disrupt "God’s plan", he would do whatever he could to keep Jesus alive so that man cannot be saved. He wouldn’t allow Jesus to die as a willful human sacrifice.

Therefore, if Jews killed Jesus, they were aiding in that effort to fulfil the mission of Jesus and Yahweh’s will. Without the Jews, Jesus would not have been crucified.
Who empowered the Jews then to actually fulfill his death? If it can’t be Satan, then it must be their "God". But if it really was Satan, then he is not the enemy of "God" but his ally.
Whatever... At the end both share the same Jewish "God".