Christian ethics and mongrelization

While 16th-century catholic Spaniards were extremely tough on Jews they were, at the same time, too tolerants of american natives, with Pope Paul III recognizing in 1537 that Amerindians had souls and declared them FIT TO MARRY THE BACHELOR CONQUERORS!

This astronomical blunder caused the total mess that any racially-conscious visitor can see with his own eyes in Mexico and South America. The "mestization" or mongrelization of those lands, with overwhelming Amerindian blood over the European, was, according to Hitler and among others, the primary cause of "Latin America" backwardness and ultimate historical demise in the coming decades.

Alas, like some ultra-catholics who claims to strenuously "defend the Western Civilization", Protestants are also tolerating massive miscegenation at the North of Río Grande. Some of the most devout, particularly the Evangelicals, are actually saying: “Racism is the worst sin”.

The western progressivist paradigm is based on Christian ethics. The Left is all about Christian ethics. What the left-wing is doing is not destroying Western civilization, but completing and fulfilling it. The current order is the last and terminal phase of a disease called "Western Christian Civilization". Christian axiology, is the basic etiology of Western malaise. Christianity settled in Europe, camouflaged as a "religion", stole our customs and rituals to infiltrate the souls of our ancestors, and began to erode and to poison gradually our strong vibrant ethos and replaced it with guilt and shame. It was the cultural cancer. Nowadays degeneracy is the cultural necrosis that set in after the cancer itself began to die.

Christian ethics cannot stand the sight of little brown children dying. They must help them, or they will freak out. According to Christian ethics it is forbidden and unthinkable to think in terms of not saving every little brown child across the planet. But the consequences of this mindset are catastrophic, not only to us but also to them. But since White people are so programmed according to Christian ethics, this does not seem to enter their heads. The thought is too unthinkable to be absorbed. It’s an utter taboo.

Absolutely. In fact, recently a white nationalist woman said in a very well known white nationalist radio podcast that abortion of non-whites is immoral: the opposite of what the National-Socialist Germans (who had revaluated Christian values) did: legalizing abortion in such cases.

Obviously, blaming everything on Christian mindset is a crude form of ideological myopia. Even this point of view may lead to the wrong idea that westerners are committing "racial and cultural suicide", because, after all, Christianity has been an important part of Modern Western Civilization. However, it’s not suicide, but genocide (the killing of a race by any means: it can be violent or pacifically through politics and social engineering), because the nefarious influence of the (((chosen ones))) in our civilization.

So, strictly monocausal explanations of our current predicament are myopic. At least from the religious viewpoint the etiology is basically twofold: both Christianity and Judaism are the culprits. "The Jew" merely represent a very strong catalyst of a chemical reaction that had started since their emancipation by the gentiles during the French Revolution. But on the other hand, no Jew has real power in Muslim countries precisely because Islam doesn’t preach the craziest inversion of values: Love your alien neighbor, and even your enemy!

This is why a Nietzschean point of view could think that “the fall of the Western Christian civilization should be celebrated”: it is so corrupted and stagnant, that we need something else to renew it. And it’s not until the westerners thoroughly revise their view on World War II that a change of paradigms can take place.