Divisive essence of Abrahamic Monotheism

The whole history of Abrahamic monotheism is evidence of a constant religious instability, an atmosphere of conflict and fragmentation, as arid as the desert from which it comes, due to their inherent bigotry and fanaticism. 

Jews originated when they were separated from Semitic polytheistic community (Canaanites) taking one of the gods of their regional pantheon as the one true god. Among Jews, in addition to Zealots and Essenes emerged factions, facing each other, like the Pharisees and Sadducees.

From the Jews, those who believed that Yeshua (Jesus) was the Messiah, they were separated from those who do not accept him as such, calling themselves as "Christians". Later, when Christianity spreads through Greece and Rome like an epidemic, there were originated many Christian sects.

In the seventh century, Islam appears, adopting beliefs of both Judaism and Christianity and subsequently confront Jews and Christians in bloody political and religious wars, and then divide them in other Islamic sects.

In 1054, the church was divided into Orthodox and Catholic, and against these, hundreds of years later in the 16th century Protestants clashed, which in turn diversified into numerous denominations (Lutherans, Methodists, Calvinists, Baptists, Anglicans , Pentecostals, Adventists, etc.) In the words of the Greek philosopher of the second century, Celsus:
That spirit of faction is such even today among Christians, that if all men would become Christians, they would not tolerate it. Originally, when they were a small number, were all animated by the same sentiments; after they became in crowds, were divided into sects and each one tries to form a separate group, as they did originally. Once isolated from the great majority, anathematize each other, having only in common, properly the name of Christians, by which all them fight. This is the only thing that would have the nerve to leave; because otherwise some profess one thing and some another.
-Celsus, A Discourse against the Christians. Chapter III. 
From this inconsistent and divisive behavior, typical of abrahamism, atheists and materialists have a bunch of nonsenses to create a false image of religion as universally inconsistent and divisive.

Christianity has always been characterized from its beginnings by their intolerance and intransigence, considering himself as the only way of salvation for all men on the planet; these features were inherited by Judaism, from which it came. It demonstrated that, paradoxically, the belief of considering equal to all human beings is the greatest form of intolerance, since it is assumed as dogma of faith that the same religion or morality is valid and binding for all men, and therefore they are imposed to them, even against their will. This aspect was later renewed with the following large and virulent egalitarian doctrines of the French Revolution and Communism.

Pagans, accepting the difference between peoples, also accepted that they worship different gods to theirs and had different customs, and they would never have thought of preaching their own religion or morals outside of their own people. It would have been ridiculous for them to preach the worship of Odin among black people, for example, and it was indifferent to them that Semitic peoples worship Moloch.